K Light & Motion

Article originally published 28 March 2012

K-Light-and-motion-logo-v3My post this time is to explain why I use a different company name for the video side of my business.

When I first started offering video, I was showing Expert Photography during the credit part of the movie.  I do this to tell the viewers who created the video and also because Expert Photography was my only official trading name.   It confuses some of the viewers who where wondering what a photography company has got to do with producing videos.   For me, this was only a minor issue because my video clients would normally also include a photography service as part of the package.  I can thus say that everything was done by the same company.

The issue arises when I get video-only jobs.  This type of jobs mostly comes from other photographers whose clients are also looking for a videographer.  Since I know quite a few other photographers, they would sub-contract the video service to me.  Because the photography job was not with me, it would be unethical for me to display the Expert Photography logo on the video together with the photographer’s logo.  Viewers may start looking for the photos of the event on my website instead of the photographer’s.

To prevent this, I then decided to register another name and use it exclusively for the video side of my business.  You may ask what does the K stands for in the name.  Well, it is the first letter of my daughter’s name — Kirsten.

My old videos would still have Expert Photography in the credits.  Any subsequent ones would have the K Light & Motion logo in it. To view some of my video work, please visit the Video Gallery page on the main site.   I also have a Vimeo site