Renuka and Thilak Wedding Video Highlights

A friend of mine from Roy Grafix Photography had asked me to do the video coverage of a Sri Lankan wedding.  This wedding was during a cruise at Sydney Harbour.  I was happy to be given the chance.  Who wouldn’t want to film a wedding in the middle of our beautiful harbour?  it was a short event so I was the only one who covered it.

We arrived early at a pier in Balls Head Drive, Waverton.  Docked on the pier was a beautiful 6-million dollar boat.  I immediately started filming the boat inside and out.  Renuka and Thilak (together with their closest friends) arrived shortly.  This is the first time I met them.  They’re a very friendly couple

The boat left the pier and headed towards Pyrmont Bay Wharf.  That was the assembly point for all the wedding guests.  After the guests had boarded, we then headed to a bay close to the Sydney Opera house.  The boat anchored and the wedding ceremony began.

During the filming of the ceremony, I experienced a terrible bout of seasickness.  I’ve always enjoyed riding on boats and had never experienced seasickness before.  But this time, it was my first time shooting a video on a boat.  Constantly looking at the camera viewfinder while the boat was swaying gently through the waves was enough to give me a major headache.  Luckily, I didn’t throw up.  I just steeled myself during the ordeal.  It’s a good thing that I was using a monopod to hold the camera.  The videos did ended up fine and I did recover after the ceremony.

There was also an interesting event during the day.  Somebody (not from the boat-party) had tried to propose to a girl by hiring a plane to sky-write his proposal.  The plane wrote “Marry Me”.  A short time later, a new sky writing appeared saying “She answered Yes!” .  Everybody on the boat then cheered the newly-engaged couple — whoever they are.

For this highlights video, Renuka and Thilak requested the song “I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams.  A few days later after the event, the couple flew to Sri Lanka for their grand wedding celebration.  They intended to show this video during that celebration.