Simonil and Shaheed Wedding Video Highlights

Each wedding always brings new experiences for me.  I specially love covering weddings from different cultures.  It gives me an insight on their unique tradition and way of doing things.  Like when I did this video coverage of Simonil and Shaheed’s wedding whose heritage comes from India

They actually surprised me when I met them because they don’t in any way look like Indians.  They actually look more like Persians.  My good friend Roy (Roy Grafix Photography did the photo coverage) explained to me that they are Parsis.  Their ancestors are from Persia but had settled in India.  There you go, I’ve learned something new!

Simonil and Shaheed’s wedding was held at Breakfast Point where they reside.  The ceremony and reception occurred at the beautiful and classy Country club also at Breakfast Point.  They had a civil ceremony followed by a Parsis ceremony.

The wedding itself was organised in haste but it was all smooth and successful.

Dodie Labial is a wedding photographer and videographer servicing the Metropolitan Sydney area.  He is the proprietor of Expert Photography and K Light & Motion