Rose and Mark Wedding Video Highlights

I’ve been busy lately in the video front.  I really enjoy doing video as much as photography.  Although it entails a very different workflow.  Also, the required equipment to do a proper video coverage is a lot more than photography.  Most couples think of video as less important than photography.  Hence, they tend to book a photographer first and just add video if there is money left on the budget.  My opinion on this is that video should actually share the same importance as photography.  Video allows you to re-live the actual day.  The sights, sounds, and the emotions captured is something that no photograph can ever duplicate.  Like the video of our couple Rose and Mark.

Mark performed a surprise song for Rose during the reception.  The song itself is a very romantic Filipino song.  The way he performed it and the emotion on both the couple’s face really shows how much they love each other.  It epitomizes the very reason that a wedding day symbolizes — a couple who truly love each other binding themselves to one another.  It was a truly touching scene.  Hence, I made this performance (and the song) the centerpiece of their highlights video.

For my English speaking audience, please accept my apology if you can’t understand the lyrics.  I’ll just do a rough translation of the refrain so you’ll get a feel on what the song means:

My Love, please have no thought
That I would ever leave you
I cannot bear to be far away from you

What I want you to know
Is how much I Love You

Dodie Labial is a wedding photographer and videographer servicing the Metropolitan Sydney area.  He is the proprietor of Expert Photography and K Light & Motion