Melanie and Saeed Wedding Video Highlights

The wedding of these wonderful and lovely couple took place within the heart of the City.  It was an Anglican ceremony.

Our couple first met at a special event in Martin Place, Sydney.  Melanie originally came from New Zealand while Saeed was from Iran.  Saeed was quite stricken with her after their first encounter.  He then went searching for her on Facebook.  Knowing only her first name and nothing else, it was a tall order finding her.  His persistence eventually paid off.  He managed to find her profile.  He then asked her to meet up and have coffee.

Their first date occurred during Australia Day.  It was quite funny because because Melanie arrived dressed beautifully while Saaed was wearing the traditional Aussie day attire — T-shirt and shorts.  He really thought that he had made a bad impression with her.  When Melanie came back to Sydney after graduating from New York, Saeed offered to pick her up from the airport.  She looked so lovely when she arrived that he can’t resist kissing her.  They had been together ever since.

The wedding ceremony was at St. Philips Anglican Church.  The formal shoot took place at the Jeffrey St. Wharf in Kirribilli.  The reception is at the Tea Room Gunners Barracks, Mosman.

Dodie Labial is a wedding photographer and videographer servicing the Metropolitan Sydney area.  He is the proprietor of Expert Photography and K Light & Motion